Cavan Calier

"Don't worry, I'll protect you."


Standing at roughly six feet this young man has piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. He is clean shaved and has white teeth. He also seems well built physically, not bulging but enough strength to carry his own weight. He has sharp facial features and his voice is softer than expected. He prefers wearing robes or surcoats in either blue or purple. He wears also a leather glove on his right hand. At his hip a scimitar is seen with the scabbard having the royal seal upon it. On his other hip a book hangs with runes covering it. He also wears brown boots which almost reaches his knees.


The first son of Renekton Calier, Ruler of Talin he was going to be the next heir, whetever he liked it or not. Cavan was expected to possess great skills within magic as his father Renekton was a famous wizard, capable of extraordinary feats with his magic. Cavan however was alot more interested in the way of the Magus, to blend both martial and magic into one devestating combination. His father’s interest was in magic, so he took and learnt his son the basics of magic. While his Uncle, Rellion taught him the way of the Magus.

When Cavan reached the age of 17 he had finally finished his training as a Magus. He often took trips into the common district with a small amount of guards as always when he did so. He then noticed how the common people took pride and enjoyed their lives. This touched Cavan and made him more frequently visit the commoners. Though he was no charismatic leader, he still wished to protect these people whose lives seemed so happy.

His father approved of his frequent trips to the commoners as it would surely make the people feel better when the time come and Cavan would inherit the throne. As the years passed and Cavan went into the commoners, while still not neglecting his training to keep his skills sharps his father grew impatient, he wished his son would find a wife, and gave him a deadline. He needed to get a wife before he turned 20 else he would chose one for him..

Cavan Calier

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